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Well, the first week of this new school year is over. It was pretty fun!! I have some way fun classes! This year is going to be good! There’s something about being the oldest in the school. It gives you a confidence that feels real good. First day of school I had sooo much homework! I still have so much homework but I’m a procrastinator and a staller so I haven’t done any of it yet. On Wednesday we were able to change our schedules if we had a good reason. I was at the school until freakin’ 6:30 at night! I got my schedule changed though so I’m happy. So, B day lunch there are tons of people and a lot of my friends, but no one to sit with. I feel so alone! A day lunch is kinda like that too but I don’t know…it feels different. I think maybe its because the guy kinda like has that lunch so I’m busy looking at him. So, Jared and those guys walk home because they want to so I’ve been going home alone. Since I don’t have a car my mom has to come pick me up and its really kinda embarrasing and not as fun as last year. Oh well, at least I don’t have to walk home. Anyway I am really excited for this year…its going to be a blast!


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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Hey guys this has got to be a quick one! So, today was Stake Conference and some lady stopped me and asked if I would go help out in the nursery. Now, I’m not big on kids but I said yes and it was actually really fun and a pretty good experience. The was this one little boy, Devin, wow cute kid! He’s going to be a chick magnet when he gets older. Yep, he’s a real looker and he’s really nice too. Anyway that’s my new friend. There was is little girl who would steal other people’s things and she wouldn’t give it them back. Pretty much all I heard come out of her mouth was “mine, mine”! I was thinking “Whoa buddy, I hope you change when you get older!”. Anyway, the whole nursery thing was good. Then when I was walking home it was soooo nice outside! The weather was perfect. Well, that’s pretty much all for now. I’ll try to update tomorrow to tell you how school went.

Summer is Fading

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Well, summer vacation is pretty much over. School starts on Monday. I guess I’m pretty excited. I was really excited until I found out I can’t have all the classes I want. Its still going to be a blast though. Our car pool sounds pretty fun. Yay for Heidi…you’re not walking home are you? Anyway, I’m excited for school. This summer was pretty fun! Actually, it was really fun!! I’m glad it was fun because its probably my last “free” summer. Next year I will most likely be working. This has been the first summer in a while that I haven’t helped Robyn with summer school. That was pretty weird. I think it would have been more weird if I wasn’t so busy in July.

So, lately I’ve been feeling like such a loser pants. My social life ran away. Its sad. I feel like putting up signs that say MISSING: Sara’s social life, find it and I’ll give you a cookie or something like that. Hopefully I’ll get one this next year. Its been soo long that I think if I went out I wouldn’t know what to do….it would probably be a little uncomfortable.

Wow, that was negative! Uhhh…I hate negative feelings. Now I have to write something positive…but what? Andrew came over! Yay…I love it when he visits. Wendy may come over sometime…which is happy except Emily might be rooming with me *grrr*. Anyway, hmm…Ariana and I have been talking more. That has been fun. What else…? I think I’ll be more positive when I get some sleep…I’m pretty tired right now. Tonight I did the dishes fast. Haha…that felt good.

Well, that’s all for now.


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So, I’m going to try and give you the whole enchilada on what’s been going on.

So, surgery went good. The first day didn’t hurt. A few days later I was really swollen and it hurt! I got soo tired of being handicapped! I couldn’t eat anything, I was swollen, it hurt and when I was on painkillers I wasn’t supposed to walk on my own. I didn’t bruise though so that was really lucky! My cheeks aren’t quite normal yet. Oh! and when I was finally able to look at my tongue it was a funny color. I asked the doctor and he said my tongue grew like, extra layers of skin or something to protect itself…anyway, its pretty much normal now. That’s kinda gross, huh…sorry. Oh! and that molar that never came out- I decided to just have it taken out. When they took it out they saw that the molar and the wisdom tooth were fused together…so there was no way they could have saved it anyway. That made me sooo relieved and quite happy!

So, lately we’ve just been lying around and school shopping. I like shopping- especially clothes shopping when it isn’t for me. I’ve been looking for these certain shoes in a certain color…yeah, they’re pretty much not going to happen. The ones I’ve found are either the wrong color or the wrong size. I’ll be getting them in a different color-not sure which one yet. They’re still really cute.

EFY is next week! I am sooooo inflated! Haha…I’m excited. Its gonna be fun. I hope there are lots of cute, sweet guys in my group! Nice, cute, sweet, funny guys that’ll talk to me. I like talking to guys, but not about me! I never know what to say!! I don’t really have any hobbies…kinda, but not really. I don’t know what I’m good at, so…it turns into an odd, uncomfortable conversation. I love EFY though!…

So, yeah that is what’s going on/been going on. Oh, this summer I have been watching a lot of musicals. Right now I’m in the middle of my seven musicals in seven days. Three musicals to go! I wanna see how many I can watch this summer. School starts pretty soon…I’m excited for that! I wonder who’ll be in my classes and lunch and where my locker will be!

Anyway, Happy Rest of the Summer to you all!!!

Updates, anyone?

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Hey guys! How is your summer going? Mine is going a whole lot better and has been a lot busier than I thought it would!

June 14-16 was Youth Conference. I was so much fun!! We went to Triple D Ranch again. I was dreading the second day, but it turned out to be the best. We went to the CLAS Ropes Course in Provo. It was soo much fun! We were there for….9 hours? Something like that…anyway, they start you out with little games for like , the first hour. Yeah, that was weak sauce. Then they split you into families and you do harder games. Most of it is like problem solving. You really have to work as a team on the low course. After you do the low course you get to move onto the high course. The high course was so much fun! My favorite thing on the high course was the giant swing! They harness you to this swing thing. It raises you up and at a certain point they tell you let go of this ribbon thing you’re holding on to. The swing drops…and yeah. At the right moment you can do flips…its way fun!

June 26-30 was Girls’ Camp. This years Girls’ Camp was soo much fun! It was our first week long camp. We went to Heber Valley Girls’ Camp. They had a Ropes Course there too but the one at Youth Conference was a lot funner. Anyway, camp was a ton of fun and we wore Mafia out and got sick on Skittles.

Our family went on vacation July 5-15. It was actually really fun and we hardly fought! The first day we went to Bryce Canyon and went on a hike (I’ve been on a hike like, every week) it was fun though. Then we slept in St.George two nights and saw “South Pacific” at Tuacan Theater….best musical I’ve ever seen! They had all these special effects and this amazing ten year old twirling fire. Then we took off for San Diego. Our room was pretty much on the beach. Sunday we went to church and the organ player was, like 13 years old! I was impressed! Went to the San Diego Temple, which was supposed to be a 10 minute trip, but took us an hour and a half because everyone was giving us different directions and we got totally lost! We went to SeaWorld Monday and Wednesday. The first day at SeaWorld at the dolphin show I saw the cutest popcorn seller! (You can read about Popcorn Guy on my boy blog!) On Tuesday we went to Tijuana, Mexico. It was actually really fun and the food was really good. My dad and I were going to go parasailing but they only did it on weekends…yeah, I was kinda bummed. Instead our family went horseback riding on the beach. It was fun and pretty relaxing (when the horse was doing what I wanted it to do). Thursday was a beach day. I tried our boogie board out. I was surprised at how many people were using them. Anyway, I thought it was going to be kinda stupid but those things are so much!- especially when you get a fast one that takes you to shore. I got an amazing tan that is sadly, now fading! Friday we left San Diego, stopped in Las Vegas for a yummy buffet and headed to St. George again to sleep. So, yeah that’s pretty much our trip.





On Monday Jared and I have to get our wisdom teeth taken out. Today we went to his office to talk and stuff and he figured out I have four wisdom teeth, instead of the three I thought i had. The fourth one is hiding behind my twelve year old molar that never came in. My molar grew sideways so, now I have to decide what to do with that one. Uhh…I hate making decisions like that! He was talking about how he would put us to sleep. He said they would use an IV….yeah, I am so scared! I was about to cry all afternoon. Anyway, that is pretty much what’s happening right now. Ariana’s birthday is on Saturday so hopefully we’ll see David and Andrew.

Wow…I Thought Today Was Tuesday!

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Haha…This whole day I kept thinking it was Tuesday! Well, today wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. I went to the dentist and, guess what?! NO CAVITIES!! YAY! The dentist said I should probably get my wisdom teeth out this summer though….uhhhh….Maybe I'll get them out in July. One of the dentists there looked like Superman!

Hmmm…what else? I feel like I had something else to say… Okay, well if i remember what else it was I was going to say maybe I'll add it later (if its not something really stupid).


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So, yeah…new blog! Maybe I'll update this one more than my other ones! Yeah, probably not. Who knows…now that its summer vacation I'll have more time to write…except I don't have much to write about. Anyway, hello to anyone who is reading this!